Australian Surfer Rattled by Shark Collision

A teenage surfer has escaped with superficial cuts and a ripped wetsuit after being knocked from his board by a shark

A teenage surfer has escaped with superficial cuts and a ripped wetsuit after being knocked from his board by a shark on the New South Wales north coast. The boy, named in media reports as 14-year-old local Zac Skyring, was out for an early surf off Broken Head, just south of Byron Bay, when he was knocked off his board just after 6am (AEST) today. He was reportedly … [Read more...]

WARNING: Shark Advisory Near Avila Beach

KSBY 6 News is reporting that a shark advisory has been issued for Port San Luis and Avila Beach. Port San Luis Harbor Patrol says at about 9 a.m. Wednesday a sea lion was found with an evident shark bite. Harbor managers say a sea lion was attacked by a shark but at this time they do not know the location of the attack. As a precaution, Harbor Patrol has posted a shark … [Read more...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-26

Headless Seal Carcass Litters Malibu Coast: Harvey said he did not know what type of shark it was but did know i.. # Discovery Channel (@Discovery) provides feeding frenzy for shark-obsessed (via @sharksandlasers) # When are surf forecasters going to learn that hyping a swell is the quickest way to kill everyone's fun? Seems … [Read more...]

Headless Seal Carcass Litters Malibu Coast

The headless body of a seal washed up yesterday afternoon off of the same Malibu coast where a shark was spotted Thursday. But county lifeguard Capt. Terry Harvey said there could be no connection between the shark and the seal. “There are all kinds of carcasses that wash up,” Harvey said. “It happens often. You can’t always relate it to that.” Harvey said he hasn’t … [Read more...]

Shark Attack at St. Pete Beach, Florida

St. Pete Beach, Florida Shark Attack Location

By Keith Baker - ABC Action News ST. PETE BEACH, FL - A 19-year-old was bitten by a shark near her home on Wednesday. Jenna James was swimming behind her home on Boca Ciega Drive when she was bitten above the right knee. She was swimming with her sister in fairly shallow water in Boca Ciega Bay and felt a cutting sensation above her knee. "She was approximately 10 - … [Read more...]

Shark Attack at Holden Beach, Cape Fear… Beneath!

By SAJA HINDI, Star News Online Holden Beach, NC - The first shark attack in the Cape Fear region since July 2007 occurred Wednesday afternoon at Holden Beach, police said. A shark bit Julia Anne Mittleberg, 26, of Morton, Ill., about 3 p.m. while she was in 3 to 4 feet of water in the Atlantic Ocean near the 400 block of Ocean Boulevard West, Holden Beach police … [Read more...]

Giant Squid Attempt Unsuccessful Land Invasion

Giant Squid Attempt Unsuccessful Land Invasion

“Why are they here? Why are the squid here? I can’t honestly tell you,” Sgt. Rains said. “I don’t know if it’s tied or not to the earthquake.” According to the lifeguard, swimmers should be wary of the creatures and keep their distance. “The Humboldt squid can be very big and very powerful and they may be dangerous,” Sgt. Rains said. “It’s just something I wouldn’t … [Read more...]

Great White Sharks Hunt Like Serial Killers

Great White Sharks Hunt Like Serial Killers

By SETH BORENSTEIN Great white sharks have some things in common with human serial killers, a new study says: They don't attack at random, but stalk specific victims, lurking out of sight. The sharks hang back and observe from a not-too-close, not-too-far base, hunt strategically, and learn from previous attempts, according to a study being published online Monday in the … [Read more...]

Interview With A Shark Expert

Aaron Cohen, of the Unlikely Words blog and resident of Somerville, MA, was kind enough to send in some of his recent shark-related work, including an interview with George Burgess of the International Shark Attack File. We've excerpted a bit below and linked to both parts of the interview: George Burgess is the director of the International Shark Attack File, which tracks … [Read more...]

WHITE MIKE: Great White Shark Conservation

White Mike with the US Capitol Building

This story actually hit our radar due to the mention of Jessica Alba avoiding felony vandalism charges for putting up the White Mike posters... The following is from the WHITE MIKE website: "You may seen have the WHITE MIKE posters around the city of Los Angeles–Malibu, PCH, Downtown L.A., Bel-Air, Hollywood, Melrose–but the real story behind the WHITE MIKE image is meant to … [Read more...]