Shark Alert System - SEVERE WARNING!!!More carnage from frightening Northern Santa Barbara County, as the devastated carcass of yet another shark attack victim washes ashore. The following picture was sent in by a dedicated Fear Beneath reader who investigated the rotting mass of flesh and found evidence of extensive Great White Shark injuries.

Cojo Ranch's Shark-Infested Waters Claim Another Victim

Cojo Ranch's Shark-Infested Waters Claim Another Victim

Our dedicated readers are familiar with our on-going coverage of the Bixby and Cojo Ranches, and the prolific quantities of Great White Shark activity associated with the area.

Cojo Ranch Shark Attack Carcass

Cojo Ranch Shark Attack Carcass

It has long been the position of this website and its employees that the risks of entering the water anywhere in between Goleta and Pismo Beach is virtually suicide – with the frequency of massive Great White Shark sightings and their propensity for consuming the locals, even walking on the beach is an insane risk. Not worth it.

Anyone who treats life with such a cavalier attitude deserves to become the next meal of… the Fear Beneath.

  • Attitude24

    This is stupid. Of course a shark is going to eat a Seal–THATS ITS FOOD SOURCE! Way to promote hate agains a preditor of the sea. This site is not only of poor taste, but poor education and morals. I hope your fear of the world keeps your snug in your bed at night; knowing that your hate is being reproduced like a virus.


  • Lol Ihateyouwithaburningpassio

    you idiot. how could walking on the beach be a huge risk?
    this is the stupidest thing ive ever read, at least try to make your website sound the least bit logical. no one is going to believe any of this shit and stop trying to freak people out. reading this made me so outraged i almost couldn’t finish reading it and i was so shocked by your statement  “even walking on the beach is an insane risk. Not worth it.”   i had to read it twice. 

    • Stuartoceansystems

      RUN Marty!!!!  Better get some more water for this reel cause you got another on the hook!  Just like shooting fish I mean sharks in a barrel!  These gullible bastards make it easy!  Keep it up Bro, we are almost limited out!!!!!!……LOL

  • texas_gurl

    WOW that was some funny shit, I actually came to this website for info but shortly realized that it sucked for any factual data. But I do have to admit that the bickering and name calling on all the posts was great entertainment.  I did not learn a thing about sharks but I did enjoy myself while visiting this website.  Thank you, and please keep it up, I will be back to see what is added. 😀

  • Diverdown75

    This is totally false!  I live in Santa Barbara and frequent the waters of Nortern Santa Barbara County in my boat, paddleboard, swimming, diving.  I have for years.  Never seen a great white in these waters or felt an elevated “risk”.  True, there are whites out there but by and large they leave humans alone.  “Insane risk” to swim in our waters???  I guess it is good for you to say that… keeps the tourists away!!!

    • Stuartoceansystems

      Whheeeeeeeeeeeeeee…oh crap here we go again……MARTY….MAAAAARRRRTTTYY..Get the f@cking gaff again cause here comes another one!!!!!!!!!  This must be some kind of record!  Unbelievable….only one more to go!

  • Abigail

    As a marine biologist who specializes in shark behavior, I have to say that this site is very inaccurate. THIS SHOULD NOT BE USED AS A SOURCE. when citing, or looking for factual information one should look for accredited organizations and research institutes. This is opinion based, and therefore not reliable.

    I also do not appreciate the overly negative attitude towards sharks on the site. I would argue that many of you are just as, if not more, dangerous than any shark. They are fascinating creatures that should be appreciated and respected. When going into the ocean, we are a visitor in their home and should treat it as such.

    • Rabbit

      i am doing a presentation on the great white and just getting in to the research coming across this site early on has showed me how bad the image given to the great white has gotten i am glad to see someone with actually knowledge of the sharks has posted something on here thanks abigail

      • Stuartoceansystems

        Speaking of RABBITS….I hear they make excellent bait but the fur seems to stick in between their teeth….oh well, one pound of rabbits are a hell of a lot cheaper than a full scoop of sardines!!!!!!!!  Keep em’ going Marty!!!!!!  Just like Eveready….They just won’t quit!

    • Stuartoceansystems

      SSSSSSSSSSSNAAAAAP!!!!…..Oh shoot……..this one got off Marty…….Oh well while this DUNCE is just VISITING, I’m make a f@cking scaley smorgasbord out of it!  Just to think….only a Mexican fishing licence to boot!  Where the hell’s that warden anyway…..He He He…

    • Madsaddler

      what a stupid bastard , you ,… are the worst  marine biologist EVER  … sharks  kill people weather its an accident  which it never is  or on purpose isnt an issue , sharks are NOT OUR FRIENDS ,….. nuff said ? your stupid liberal agenda stinks , Im  a marine biology student  , i hope to god you dont teach , id have to punch you in your liberal face

  • Eggman1966

    load of bollocks. sharks don’t like to attack humans and most attacks are out of curiosity. stop scaremongering and get facts before you publish crap like this. we do much worse to sharks than they do to us. twat.

    • Stuartoceansystems

      What the hell do these Limey bastards know about fish anyway????  They don’t even have a REAL Aircraftcarrier……do they?????  Always hanging on our coat tails!

  • Shark Balls

    with the frequency of massive Great White Shark sightings and their propensity for consuming the locals, even walking on the beach is an insane risk. Not worth it.

    This is the most innacurate twaddle I have ever heard – I surf almsot daily up and down this coast and even dare to walk on the beach, I still have both legs and do not fear for being taken off the sand utter nonsense. I think the last death of someone was in the 80’s…

  • Kelpie

    Looking…looking… for intelligent, coherent discussion. Still looking…

  • Kelpie

    I’ve been diving and surfing Cojo and Government Point for thirty years. Only saw whitey once, and I tend to operate with a swivel neck, condition orange all the time. The info on this website is expansive sensationalism.

  • CaninusGirl

    Gosh isn’t all this blocking getting irksome?
    But you do realise that by blocking me instead of just writing back to me you are making it plain that I am right.
    Because if I was wrong you could simply reply telling me how and why (just like I’ve done for you), but instead you try to prevent me access to your website. The only logical conclusion is that you are trying to retain some pride by stopping me from making all the visitors to your site aware of how inaccurate it is.
    But it doesn’t seem to be coming out in your favour because not only am I raising said awareness, I am also informing them of your flailing attempts at keeping face.
    Am I wrong, Martin?

    • Jim Bob

      The only thing you’re “raising” for Martin’s “readers” is their utter contempt for you. Clearly you have not been laid in decades (note that banging yourself with kitchen items does not count). What’s up with your handle, “CaninusGirl”. Aren’t you aware that Caninus is a death grind metal band who exploits animals pain? Its not surprising in the least that you associate yourself with such a disgusting outfit. Before positing again do us all a favor and wash that disgusting overgrown crotch of yours.

      • Toll Booth Willy

        @Jim Bob – we sincerely appreciate your psycho-analysis of CaninusGirl’s sex life. I think it does help explain her high anger level and general dislike of male figures of power. I offer this tidbit – I bet she’s a vegan.

      • CaninusGirl

        Actually, and sorry to disappoint you, but before caninus was the name of a death metal band it was a latin adjective to describe something pertaing to a dog or dog-like. I use it in the masculine form because I like the way it sounds as opposed to Canina. It is a little joke of mine because I used to sleep in the fetal positon with my pillows around me, like a dog in a cot.
        Before referring to popular culture one should always delve further to see from where it could stem.
        And if I had not been laid in decades (plural) I would still be a virgin. My personal life is not really relevant to the fact that this website is not fact checked. If it were published on paper, it would have had to make several retractions with this article alone. However I should add that my boyfriend is quite happy, and if he read your unintelligent, vulgar and purely assuming comment, you would not be.

        @Toll Booth Willy – I am not actually vegan. It is true that I don’t really like steak but two of my favourite dishes are bolegnese made with beef mince and crumbed french lamb cutlets (using corn-flakes crumbs – delicious). My boyfriend is actually a butcher. And I ate scrambled eggs yesterday. Why would a vegan empathise with a sharks natural desire to eat meaty things, when they deny their own nature of doing so?
        And while I am opposed to Martin Brody having the power to destroy any public education about sharks, I am also opposed to females who use their power idiotically or hypocritically. And we can’t really be sure Martin is a man anyway, as he refuses to tell us his real name. I simply refer to him that way because it seems easier until he, to use the common phrase, ‘grows a pair’.

        • Rawlf S.

          You’re boyfriend is a butcher? Wow, you really are a lucky girl! What a catch! Your Mom must be so very proud. (Note, I did not say Dad because its obvious you did not have a father figure in your life)

          Hopefully your butcher boyfriend trimmed off those over-sized pastrami curtains of yours. You do realize that the other night you were not eating bolegnese made with beef mince, but it was actually bolegnese made with your pastrami curtains. Howd that taste?

          • CaninusGirl

            Both my mother and father are very proud that I am healthy, happy and have an excellent relationship. You seem to doubt that possibility based on my partner’s job title.
            You are a very narrow and judgemental person. You seem unable to believe that someone with a trade qualification has the ability to make an ideal boyfriend. You also believe that such a person has qualities that would make them distasteful or unworthy in the eyes of parents.
            You are a bigot and I am NOT an opportunist.
            To suggest so is more insulting than your adolescent-style crassness.

    • Hester4pres11

      CaninusGirl, it seems to me that you really want some praise. you continue to try and prove this website wrong.. what do you gain by doing this? no one cares if you know more about sharks than martin brody. no one cares what you’re real name is. no one cares how intellectual you are. NO ONE GIVES A SHIT. go spend your time spamming some other website because it is pretty clear to me that no one here likes you. all i wanted to do was see some cool pictures of shark attack victims and i stumbled upon this website, and my hatred for you has grown so much just reading 3 posts.. please leave this website alone, i can only imagine how much martin brody hates you.

      • CaninusGirl

        Actually, if you had bothered to read more than three posts you would know that I do not desire praise, or to be well liked, but retractions of the sections of articles in error.
        What I, and the internet community alike, would gain is to be informed without sensationalism or being misled. Perhaps you do not care if you have partial and biased information, but people who come here to learn about shark behaviour and marine conservation should.
        All of which is only pertinent in the abstract, because someone who trawls the Internet looking for gore and gruesome has many more problems than someone who is hated by (to all intents and purposes) a fictional character.
        Perhaps it is an explanation of your desire to remain ignorant or a symptom of it.

        P.S. I only signed my name because it was prudent. It would have been hypocritical not to do so after calling Martin Brody a coward for not using his.

        • Hester4pres11

          Im sorry i find the effects of human stupidity amusing. much like many people watch gruesome movies, i just enjoy seeing God’s creatures doing what they were made to do, eat. please do not act like i am some sort of pig for finding shark attack photos interesting. You here are the one with the problem, seeing as you are doing nothing more than arguing with a bunch of people that do not like you. I feel for you in your daily life as you seem to thrive for a good argument, and i bet this brings many people to dislike you. Please find somewhere else to stick your nose, seeing as the very editor of this website has tried to get you to leave.

    • Brianna

      This site is inaccurate?

      It doesn’t seem to me to be inaccurate…I used it repeatedly as a source for my high school report on sharks and how they are prone to attack humans. My teacher didn’t mention anything and even mentioned it to my classmates as a “great source” of shark attack information.

      • Radja

        @Brianna – It is really funny because I actually copied and pasted a lot of the content from this site and used it for a college Mid-Term. Everybody should know that I got an A ! Thanks, Martin Brody! Why do people keep saying you are fictional anyways?

      • CaninusGirl

        Well it depends on what subject you were doing the report for. Also education in different countries differs but if it were a report for the sciences (eg. biology or marine biology) news articles would not be a recommended source.
        This is because news articles use emotive language, especially ones like this which seem to be geared towards entertainment rather than information (basically the job of a journalist is to inform the public accurately and let them make decisions for themselves, not tell them what to think; its a bit of a lost art since the internet).
        When writing a science report it is important to only use information which is researched and reliable. Actual studies from universities and other institutions are are much better resource: You are supposed to write the report so this means you don’t rely as heavily on your source’s language but their facts.
        Even then you have to be wary of scientific sources; like Wakefield’s study on Autism and Vaccines.
        If you are going to use news reports as sources you should either quote them or only use them as filler and not as evidence for your hypothesis.
        And while your subject is a good one it would be more interesting to study the WHY and choose one particular shark (like the Lemon Shark, which has attacked aquarium workers wihout provocation or previous agression). A broad subject like that would not get a pass here.
        @Radja – Congratulations on your A. The reason I refer to Martin Brody as being fictional is because he writes under a pseudonym taken from the book and susequent movies Jaws.

      • eddie

        this site is a load of crap and your teachers retarded

    • eddie


  • TH

    Martin Brody… You have no brain.

    • http://www.fearbeneath.com Martin Brody

      Terry Honyoust… You’re a moron. And your pictures suck.

  • Acmilan1957

    without reading any of your crap, i want to say , i never had a shark knocking at my front door.
    hence i don`t need to knock on theyr door or pay doctor with them.

  • El Pescador

    Knock Knock! Who’s there? Mail man. Nah, your that land shark the news has been reporting. No mam, I have a telegram. Dudem Dudem! Dude this website is a joke. Walking into a 7/11 in Oxnard is more risky than hanging out at our beaitiful California beaches. Yeah, there are Whites in the water, but understanding more about their behavior is a better approach to educating the public. Dont let fear grip you so tight that you can’t think rationally.

  • Caninusgirl

    Martin Brody, where do I begin? How about the beginning.
    One would think that as an editor you would own a dictionary, but apparently not. I suggest you stop using your internet connection to sensationalise the everyday feeding habits of sharks, and instead look up the definition of the word ‘massacre’ and then retract your headline, because that is a picture of a seal, not a human, or indeed, many of them.
    Secondly, a question; Is your dedicated reader a marine biologist, veterinarian or qualified in some other way to inspect, identify and differentiate between the bite impressions of the different species of sharks in the area, especially on a “rotting mass of flesh”? If not, then I advise that you remove the statement that the injuries were caused by a Great White Shark.
    Then, your insinuation that a Great White Shark beaching itself (which, other commentors, actually is a shark feeding technique, used to snatch nursing seals from the shore, an amazing behaviour rarely witnessed, let alone experienced, by humans) to attack a human is equally as likely as an attack in the water is insulting to your readers’ intelligence and much more insane than taking a beach stroll.
    Penultimately, your yellow journalism, movie tagline-esque finishing line “Anyone who treats life with such a cavalier attitude deserves to become the next meal of… the Fear Beneath.” Was that the same sentiment you expressed to the family of the Surf Beach victim?
    And lastly, this is a website purported to be “rooted in the ideology of public safety advocacy, shark education, and marine conservation.” Direct me to any of your feaured news stories with a theme of conservation or education rather than fear-mongering. You have called the website “The Fear Beneath”, a name chosen for an organisation in the 1970’s, when shark-hatred was at its peak. It is not very promising for the ideals of marine conservation.

    Here’s a little Martin Brody hyperbolising of my own: I think you are a great fiction writer who, as a result of spending all of his spare time reading Peter Benchley’s Jaws, combined with his own creative impotency, found his talent was exaggerating unrelated incidences of shark activity in a fan fiction style, in lieu of an original idea.

    • Toni

      Honestly curious. Where have you heard of sharks beaching themselves as a feeding technique. I don’t believe I have heard that before. I know killer whales do it, but I don’t believe sharks do.

      • TH

        A friend of mine saw it happen in Australia once…the shark died though…so…go figure

    • http://www.fearbeneath.com Martin Brody

      Hi… I just want to say thanks for visiting the Fear Beneath! I bet you clicked on a couple ads to support us, the team really appreciates it – your clicks are financing our important messages! Just kidding, we pay for this out of love from our cold, insensitive, shark-loving hearts.

      mas·sa·cre [mas-uh-ker]
      noun, verb, -cred, -cring.

      1. the unnecessary, indiscriminate killing of human beings or animals, as in barbarous warfare or persecution or for revenge or plunder.
      2. a general slaughter, as of person or animal: the massacre of Dog Girls during the war.

      Example 1: Due to her own profound ignorance, ‘CaninusGirl’ was the victim of yet another shark massacre off the California Coast.

      Again, we are sincerely flattered by the amount of time and effort you’ve put in to critiquing our little corner of the web. Hope you have a Happy Holiday Season and don’t forget to stay out of the ocean!

      • CaninusGirl

        Well Martin, the widely used and accepted Oxford English Dictionary defines massacre thus:
        an indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of many people:
        reports of massacres by government troopsinformal a heavy defeat of a sporting team or contestant.
        verb [with object]
        deliberately and brutally kill (many people).
        informal inflict a heavy defeat on (a sporting opponent). informal perform (a piece of music, a play, etc.) very ineptly:
        the choir was massacring ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’

        Though of course other dictionaries will have variants on the defintion, I must point out that in your belated eagerness to contradict my correction you have committed a large oversight.
        Firstly, sharks do not kill seals indiscriminately or unnecessarily, as they are a dominant food source for many species of sharks. They are, it logically follows, not doing it “in barbarous warfare or persecution or for revenge or plunder.”
        Secondly, your twist of Dictionary.com’s provided example using my chosen screen name, and then your own example implying a threat to my safety on a public forum completely nullify any journalistic integrity you had left, though it was very little.

        Regardless, I am not one to be bullied by those too cowardly to call others ignorant (while expressing their own unbearably ignorant opinions) using their own name.
        In fact, if I was to lower myself to the standards you seem to keep, I would have made a point long ago that, far from being clever or amusing, the use of a ficticious character as your pen name for a non-fiction supposed news rag shows, at best, a severe malnourishment of intellect, and at worst, a eunuch-like pusillanimity.
        Also the fact that this character’s name is taken from an unoriginal, albeit classic, novel, turned into an even less original movie which are based on principals in direct conflict with those of this website for which you have used it can be construed as contemtability for either popular culture or for genuine shark conservation. That or you believe that the people who come to this website are as unknowledgable as you are, and won’t notice.

        As a final insult to your mediocrity and indifferent uninformedness I have this: Your complete failure, in over a month, to address any more than the first point of my little tirade. Whether it was because you lack the ability or motivation to move past the first paragraph, or fear that further humiliation would stem from doing so, rest assured; You look like a fool either way.

        Planning to enjoy the water yet again tomorrow afternoon, after a pleasant day handling reptiles and amphibians quite voluntarily,
        Yours sincerely,
        Emily Radermacher.

        P.S. The only attack I have ever suffered while at the beach was of the human variety, and I have been in close proximity to sharks before. If I do manage to be a victim of an individual “shark massacre”, my family has explicit instructions to inform you immediately of your prophetic ability and dissaude authorities and public from attempting to hunt or kill any shark, responsible or otherwise. Would you do the same?

        • CaninusGirl

          Oh, and your Shark Alert System has remained on Severe which you specify as “multiple shark attacks in a 24-hour period” but you have not reported any of these???
          Are we in unmentionable danger, or are you just lazy?
          I would have thought you’d have been ‘all over’ those attacks in Egypt. Such a concentration of violence, and concerning humans rather than seals.
          Where is your false sympathy, or does it not extend to German tourists?
          And as a shark conservation advocate, shouldn’t you be outraged at the deaths of multiple sharks in the area?
          Awaiting your witlessly-humoured reply.

        • http://www.fearbeneath.com Martin Brody

          Oh, Emily… You have no idea how much we *love* the crazy ramblings people like yourself post on the Fear Beneath. Why don’t you go back to drawing dragons for a little while?



          • CaninusGirl

            Drawing dragons? I’m afraid my sketching skills shy far away from the fantasy realm, but I’d love to be that talented.
            Just like I’m sure you’d love to be talented enough to have an ACTUAL comeback, and not simply ‘clutch at straws’ by calling me crazy, when my argumentative nature merely proves me to be stubbornly rational and logical.
            Try again…
            I’m waiting. I’m ever so patient, and when you finally concede, please remove the offending articles, or the offending sections. You do terrible things for web journalism and conservation alike.
            No love lost,

          • TheResilientOne

            Have you been removing my other posts Martin?
            Or did someone else take offence to the castigation I gave to Goatmurray’s idiotic response to my rebuttal to Scarsonangels’ over-simplified argument (which has now been flagged)?
            As neither contained any foul language, to which I am averse, I think someone can’t handle the scrutiny.
            It seems unfair considering the language in other posts.
            For those curious, the posts can no longer be seen on “Surfer shares wave with Great White Shark in Australia!”
            Most would agree that that level of idiocy required chastening.
            But I suspect it was you as I have now been blocked.
            Yes people, please know, Martin Brody can’t handle criticism. If you point out his multifarious and dire failings, you will lose the right to free speech.
            For all your swagger in the face of affront, you are a white-livered cur.
            Emily, A.K.A. CaninusGirl.

            • TheResilientOne

              Two more removed and two more flagged. I’m beginning to think you don’t like me…
              But you said “love, Martin.”
              I’m crushed.
              That was sarcasm, I don’t really care how you feel, it is about how you write. And as a journalist you are, to use the cliché, a talentless hack.
              I told you my name, care to tell me yours? Unlike you I am quite open to critiscism, but as I have been more skilled than you so far, I have little to fear, other than cuss words.
              The worst you can do is silence me… but as you have noticed that won’t last long.
              Tell me when you reach breaking point; it is not my intention to push you over the edge. However, you must realise, that if you publish your works in a public forum, and allow people commentary, you will not always like what you hear, and not everyone will be put off by threats or personal insults.
              As my new pseudonym states, I am resilient.

          • Fsgvfcbhvzxc

            MB ur a wanker

          • CaninusGirl

            I suppose I will have to reiterate as my original answer was DELETED.
            1. I don’t draw dragons, so you looked up the wrong Emily. Whoever she is leave the poor girl alone, your problem is clearly with me.
            2. A precise, logical and rational deconstruction of your article is neither crazy nor rambling, though there was so much wrong that it did take up a lot of space.
            I’ve kept this short and sweet for you.
            Still waiting for you to actually address more than one point of my original and now flagged comment.
            Can you only delete so many?

            • Toll Booth Willy

              @CaninusGirl – here’s a $1.25 and go fuck yourself.

              PS – Should I give the quarters to you or shove them up your fat ass?

              • CaninusGirl

                I am beginnng to understand how the world is able to condemn sharks and how people can lobby for Great White Shark deaths though they are an endangered and protected animal.
                With people as slow witted, violent, conjecturable and presumptuous as you making statements such as this, I figuratively weep for the world.
                And regardless, your currency means nothing to me, and I am actually a slim person, though if I were a larger person I would be equally averse to you coming anywhere near me or any part of my body.
                So in answer, no thankyou I don’t think I will, and; no you may not to both.

                • Hugh G. Kaack

                  Before engaging in hyper-defensive conduct perhaps you should be aware of the reference to “Toll Booth Willy”. You think you are smart; but in reality, you are are a dumb dumb cunt of a bitch.

                  • CaninusGirl

                    Your language is contemptible.
                    For your information, I am aware of the Adam Sandler comedy skit Toll Booth Willy, and how those lyrics are excerpts from it.
                    But perhaps you need to be made aware of something: the symbol @ in conjuction with a person’s user/ screen name is a way of attributing a message to, or directing it at the specified person.
                    So if the comment had been written with quotation marks (these things ” “) and without inclusion of my name, then you may have been able to say that I was hyper-defensive. BUT IT WAS DIRECTED AT ME you moron. Hence my reply.
                    To simplify: If I do it like this –
                    *”We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid. ” – Benjamin Franklin. *
                    You’re fine. But if I do it like this –
                    *@Hugh G, Kaack: We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid. *
                    Get defensive.

                • James Earl Jones

                  I seriously wish you were kneeling in front of me so i could cock whip you right now and jizz in your eyes. After that, I’d piss on you and call you a dirty whore.

                  • sdsfre

                    Far out americans are a stupid ugly ignorant race!

              • Dsfs

                i hope u dont speak to all women like that u seem a bit like trash urself

          • Stuartoceansystems

            Right on Marty!  I love sharks as well…….that is if they are cooked well!  They make great chum for the Blue Fin……uummmmmm…..tasty!!!!!

        • Sopheus

          Don’t bother with him, like you said, he is ignorant. Nothing anyone says to him on this site will prevent his “cause.” If you honestly believe he is performing any kind of disjustice of any nature, then why not see if it is prosectuable? If it is, then happily execute the coup de grace to his life and career, if not, then you still shouldn’t bother with him.

          In either case, the best way to challenge him is to continue doing work in advocation of whatever cause you personally support, versus expressing frustration at a computer screen.

          The majority of things expressed on the internet cannot be verified with solid fact to the point where it could not stand against even the Supreme Court of the United States (not saying it’s prosecutable, just that it is a very poor argument that wouldn’t hold up in the highest court if it had to).

          My best advice to everyone who visits this sight and observes these comments to do so with a rational-state-of-mind, many comments are said out of anger. The best perspective comes from the rational one that investigates all other perspectives to draw conclusions and appropriate ways to address the situation.

        • Stuartoceansystems

          Cha-Ching!  Keep em’ Coming Girl!

      • God

        You do realize that as a potential provider of any services (including journalism) you have just committed a federal offense by addressing Caninusgirl in a demeaning manner with no rational thought for your behavior? Of course this is only assuming that you live in the U.S. And, I highly suggest that you speak to a credentialed marine biologist, or perhaps your local kindergarten science teacher who could casually explain to you that the Great White Shark is hardly an environmental danger. I wish you luck with your “little corner of the web,” for it disgustingly suggests opinions with no fact, many of them could actually slap a charge on you, only if you live in the states, that is. Have fun with being an idiot.

      • Stuartoceansystems

        Way to go Marty!  Cast em’ out…..reel em’ in!!!!!!  Your my deep sea HERO!


  • Bailey Carignan

    It’s very upsetting to see websites like this purposely trying to instill fear of sharks in people when sharks are facing the brink of extinction. First of all that sure looks like a seal carcass to me and if you had the smallest sliver of intelligence you would realize that Seals are the sharks food, they are going to eat them. Sharks play one of the largest roles in the ocean, being an apex predator it is their job to regulate and keep the oceans clean. Without them we will face MAJOR problems for the Seas as well as on land. People need to stop trying to make everyone scared of these incredible fish and realize that they have been on this Earth millions of years longer than humans and they are a crucial part in our Oceans ecosystem. It’s their Oceans and it needs to be kept that way… This website is a joke.

  • Ilovesharks86

    I have dived with big sharks never seen one run up on the beach and get someone .When we go in the water we go into there home people seem to forget that.

  • Baba_ghanoush76

    There have been 12 deaths in 90 years in the state of Cali… suicide

  • Baba_ghanoush76

    Yeah… Shark attacks on land are the worst type… I mean who expects that???

  • Hmbrave

    Look out for those Land Sharks….this guy’s a small part of the reason that shark populations worldwide are dwindling. Selling advertising on top of it – his real reason for the website. Ahhh, the American way…..

    • Whats_that

      When is the last time you purchased a styrofoam or plastic product?

      YOU are the reason sea life is deteriorating around the globe you HYPOCRITE.

      How does it feel? You are used to it by now i guess you misinformed imbecile.

  • Domackis

    Walking on the beach too! Are there land sharks in SB-county or something? I love surfing up there I hope Martin will join me… signed Land sharks of the Central coast…

  • Freddykrooger

    Obviously Martin is trying to hoard all the surf for himself and his surfing pals. I don’t buy it.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brian-Cole/1154984382 Brian Cole

    Starting at age 13 I had my first experience of a great white shark under my surfboard, for many..many years surfing the Ranch I encountered many of them. I’m Lucky I Didn’t Get Munched!

  • SUPs = KOOKS


    You must ride an SUP right?

  • Frankybank

    ……”even walking on the beach is an insane risk. Not worth it.”

    If you are trying to keep people (other surfers, maybe?) out of the water, you should at least attempt to tone down the obvious sappy satire.
    The only people you scare when you write like this is tourists, and I don't think they would take your waves or even read this site.

  • martin brody is a puss!

    Martin Brody, you're a fucking pussy. It amazes me that you could create a website dedicated to your fear of something. How embarassing. Grow some nuts you coward.

  • Steve

    I heard they reopened. But don't go there or else you may get your ass kicked or eaten.

  • Paul R.

    I hear the beaches at Hollister Ranch are closed because of great white shark sightings. Scary.