Shark Alert System™

The Fear Beneath introduced the Shark Alert System in the Fall of 2008, as a response to a noticeable increase in shark activity, especially in California, Florida, and Hawaii.

Shark Alerts are in effect for the following areas:

Northern Santa Barbara County, California – Severe Risk, up from Very High, due to Fatal Shark Attack at Surf Beach!

Big Island, Hawaii – Guarded, down from High

Windward Oahu, Hawaii – Elevated, down from High

New Smyrna Beach / Volusia County, Florida – Elevated, down from Severe

Our Shark Alert System only provides general guidelines for safe ocean usage and in no way constitutes an endorsement of safety or a guarantee of danger.

Severe – multiple shark attacks in a 24-hour period.

High – shark attack or aggressive shark encounter within the last 24 hours.

Elevated – shark attacks or sightings from 24 hours to one week ago.

Guarded – shark attack or shark sighting was one week ago to four weeks ago.

Low – there have been no recent shark attacks or sightings.

Please use common sense at all times.