Giant Goonches Invade the Philippines?

Readers may recall our coverage of Giant Goonches earlier this year - the large (6 foot +) catfish population of the Ganges river, that may have acquired a taste for human flesh after years of snacking on the burning carcasses floated down the river. Now, the "Pinatubo Monster" has surfaced in the Philippines - and my money is on the Giant Goonches. By Shawn Lindseth at … [Read more...]

Have Giant Indian Catfish Developed a Taste for Human Flesh?

Giant Goonches want to feast on your tribal villages

Great headline; if it is aquatic, carnivorous, and has opportunities to eat humans, there's an excellent chance we'll be covering it at The Fear Beneath. By Benny Bleiman Researchers have been dispatched to the Great Kali river in India to study whether a form of giant catfish called "goonches" have taken to preying on humans. The Indians traditionally burn their dead in … [Read more...]