Neil Salunga, Shark Fighter (?)

Neil Salunga, Shark Fighter? Hmm.

(Another account of aggressive sharks in California's Red Triangle. Although we wonder - who the hell is Neil Salunga and why does the San Diego Reader Weekly care? Yet we post it anyway... -MB) By "Ollie" - San Diego Reader Weekly Name: Neil Salunga Age: 29 Occupation: Firefighter Lives in: San Ysidro Pre-surf music: N.W.A. Girls in the water?: “Total … [Read more...]

Oahu Shark Attack: Surfer Recovering

Amateur surfer Todd Murashige was attacked Tuesday evening off the windward side of Oahu, by what is suspected to have been a large tiger shark. The Fear Beneath staff wishes Todd all the best for a speedy recovery. HONOLULU, OAHU By Ron Mizutani A 40-year-old Kaneohe man remains at the Queen's Medical Center recovering from a shark attack in Kaaawa. Todd Murashige … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE!!! Shark Attacks Surfer at Surf Beach, Lompoc

Impressive and Controversial Bite Marks

The Fear Beneath brings you an *exclusive* report from the shark-y waters of Lompoc, in Northern Santa Barbara County, where earlier this year we reported on our exclusive picture of a Bixby White Shark Kill! Please report any shark sighting, encounter, or attack to either The Fear Beneath or The Shark Research Committee. SURF BEACH, LOMPOC NORTHERN SANTA BARBARA … [Read more...]

Surfer Barely Avoids Shark Attack at Byron Bay

15 Second from Shark Bait

BYRON BAY, AUSTRALIA Broad Beach surfer Ben Vining felt like a sitting duck after what he says was a shark knocked him from his board at Byron Bay. Mr. Vining has told of his ordeal in the surf at Tallows beach on Saturday, saying his board was carried off by a rip and he had to wait 15 seconds to catch a wave to shore while the shark watched him. The 29-year-old had … [Read more...]

Shark Attack epidemic continues in New Smyrna Beach

Volusia County Breaks Record for Shark Attacks in One Year

NEW SMYRNA BEACH Beach Patrol and emergency medical officials responded to the Ponce de Leon Inlet this morning to treat Volusia County’s 18th shark bite of the year. Capt. Scott Petersohn said he had no details immediately available about the incident other than it occurred near the jetty. The bite comes less than a week after an unidentified New Smyrna Beach man was … [Read more...]

Surfer Recovering After Shark Attack

Shark Silhouette

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Florida A surfer is recovering Monday after being bitten during a shark attack off New Smyrna Beach. The unidentified 20-year-old was bitten on the leg at about 3 p.m. Sunday just south of 27th Avenue in New Smyrna Beach. The man made it back to shore and was treated at the beach before being taken to a nearby hospital. The incident marks the 17th … [Read more...]