Surfing With A Great White Shark

The shocking picture of a shark sighting sign posted at Waimea Bay

Surfing With A Great White Shark Another dedicated reader sent in this incredible footage of a surfer and a great white shark playing in the surf. Its authenticity is disputable, and here at The Fear Beneath we tend to believe that this shark would be ripping those surfers into several pieces. We'll let you draw your own conclusions. … [Read more...]

23 SHARK ATTACKS IN ONE YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Volusia County Breaks Record for Shark Attacks in One Year

BREAKING NEWS With shark attack number 23 on an unidentified surfer Sunday, Volusia County has set the record for the most shark attacks in one year, breaking the previous record of 22 bites in the year 2001 (for which Volusia County was given the dubious distinction of being the Shark Attack Capital of the World.) The (currently) unidentified man was surfing just south … [Read more...]

Surfer Attacked by Crocodile in Costa Rica

crocodile attacks surfer in costa rica

Reprinted from 'Surfing' Magazine... A little atypical for our coverage here - but nonetheless important. An excerpt from the second page: "The photos of the damage inflicted on Dakota are horrific, stomach-turning images. Surreal, yet hauntingly realistic, too gruesome to post here." By Adrian Gianatti So you’re in Costa Rica, surfing the renowned Playa Hermosa. The … [Read more...]

Ocean Beach Surfer & Shark Picture - Ocean Beach Shark & Surfer

Ocean Beach, San Francisco, has been in the headlines several times lately with a flurry of Great White Shark activity. On September 9th, Evan over at published a creepy picture of what appears to be a shark stalking a surfer. OK, maybe we're extrapolating a little bit much there (the evidence is far from conclusive,) but there is definitely a dorsal fin … [Read more...]

Shark Attack Shocks Oahu Community

duane shimogawa reports on oahu shark attack

KAAAWA, OAHU, HAWAIIBy Duane Shimogawa The day after a shark takes a bite out of a surfer and his board, warning signs continue to caution people to stay out of the water. Those signs are posted along the water at Kahana Bay in Kaaawa. Officials say the victim, a man in his 40s, was surfing when the shark chomped down on his right leg. The surfer was taken to Queen's … [Read more...]