Two Great White Shark Sightings in Ocean Beach

Stinson Beach & Ocean Beach are right across the SF Bay from one another

A pair of Great White Shark sightings in the Ocean Beach area begs the question: is there a Great White Shark or hunting group of Great White Sharks that are patrolling the beaches at the mouth of San Francisco Bay? Ocean Beach is right across the bay from Stinson Beach, which was closed down for the Labor Day weekend. Both of these beaches lie within the area of the … [Read more...]

Big Island Man Missing, Possible Great White Shark Casualty

Search called off with evidence of shark attack - A Big Island man is missing at sea

BIG ISLAND, HAWAII Firefighters called off an ocean search for a 24-year-old man this afternoon after rescuers found some of his clothing that appeared to have been hit by a shark. Police identified the man as Kameron Brown of Pahoa. Firefighters said after finding Brown's clothing and speaking with the man's family, they decided to call off the search at about 2 p.m. … [Read more...]

Second Great White Shark Closes Stinson for Labor Day Weekend

MARIN COUNTY A second sighting of a great white shark off Stinson Beach has prompted the National Park Service to prohibit water use through the Labor Day weekend. "We had another sighting about 6:30 p.m. Thursday night by two visitors," said Chris Powell, park service spokeswoman. "Our lifeguard interviewed them and felt it was a credible sighting." The news puts a … [Read more...]

Volusia County Beach Safety: No Comment?


After shark attack #18 in Volusia County this year, we called out the government in Volusia County and New Smyrna Beach. Now, after attack #19 and the fourth shark attack in New Smyrna Beach in thirteen days, we're requesting some accountability or at the least, an explanation. Is anything being done to address an issue that's clearly a problem? The following email was … [Read more...]

Shark sighting at Kauai’s North Shore Ke‘e Beach

Ke'e Beach Kauai

HA‘ENA, KAUAI Ke‘e Beach is closed this afternoon due to a shark sighting in the area and will remain closed at least until tomorrow morning. According to Ocean Safety officials, a 6- to 7-foot black tip shark was spotted in the lagoon this afternoon. Signs are posted in the area warning of the shark sighting and no swimming allowed. For information about ocean … [Read more...]


New Smyrna Beach continues to earn its reputation as the Shark Attack Capital of the World NEW SMYRNA BEACH An off-duty 19-year-old lifeguard was bitten on the foot Thursday by a shark in the waters off New Smyrna Beach, officials said. Thomas Gold was surfing when he was bitten on his left foot, said Scott Petersohn of Volusia County Beach Patrol. Gold suffered … [Read more...]

Decapitated Sea Lion Chums Redondo Beach Break

Decapitated Sea Lion: Ocean Beach Great White Shark Victim?

The Shark Research Committee has posted the following account of a pinniped casualty near Topaz Jetty in Redondo Beach. REDONDO BEACH On August 27, 2008 Cory Kupke was surfing at the Topaz Jetty in Redondo Beach. It was 2:25 PM and he had been in the water about one hour. He had surfed earlier in the day prior to work but returned to the beach about 1:30 PM. The ocean had … [Read more...]

Bixby Shark Kill EXCLUSIVE: Follow-Up

bixby shark kill part two - the fear beneath

Graphic Footage Released - Bixby Shark Kill One of the most well-received and popular articles here at The Fear Beneath is our coverage of the decimation wrought upon a local seal this summer - by what we assume is none other than the man in the grey suit, a.k.a white death, a.k.a. The Fear Beneath. After significant internal controversy here at The Fear Beneath, we've … [Read more...]

Shark Attack epidemic continues in New Smyrna Beach

Volusia County Breaks Record for Shark Attacks in One Year

NEW SMYRNA BEACH Beach Patrol and emergency medical officials responded to the Ponce de Leon Inlet this morning to treat Volusia County’s 18th shark bite of the year. Capt. Scott Petersohn said he had no details immediately available about the incident other than it occurred near the jetty. The bite comes less than a week after an unidentified New Smyrna Beach man was … [Read more...]

Large Shark Sighting at Bolsa Chica State Beach

Another electrifying tale from the S.R.C.!

Bolsa Chica State Beach The Shark Research Committee has posted the following account of an encounter with an extremely large animal, most likely a Great White Shark (deduced from available evidence - what else would be that size, with that girth?) On August 26, 2008 Karri Lewis reported the following; “My husband, Jim Lewis, and his friend were swimming (training for a … [Read more...]