Shark Attack at St. Pete Beach, Florida

St. Pete Beach, Florida Shark Attack LocationBy Keith Baker – ABC Action News

ST. PETE BEACH, FL – A 19-year-old was bitten by a shark near her home on Wednesday.

Jenna James was swimming behind her home on Boca Ciega Drive when she was bitten above the right knee. She was swimming with her sister in fairly shallow water in Boca Ciega Bay and felt a cutting sensation above her knee.

“She was approximately 10 – 12 feet off the dock,” one witness told ABC Action News.

James did not see the shark, but the bite wound provided the evidence.

Her wounds were described as severe.

Her sister, who has not been identified, is being credited by paramedics for saving James’ life. She pulled her sister to shore and called 911:

“My sister just got bit by a shark. She’s bleeding a lot from the thigh.”

“What’s the address? Where’s she located?”

“Boca Ciega Drive.”

“I’m going to call you back.”

“Please, she’s bleeding a lot. Ma’am, Ma’m, don’t hang up on me.”

“Can I call you back from a cell phone so I can go get her help?”

“Ma’am, you need a dry clean towel. OK, she’s bleeding a lot. It’s a huge bite.”

James’ sister was instructed on how to apply pressure to the wound to limit the bleeding.

She was taken to Bayfront Medical Center where she underwent surgery late Wednesday.

The hospital is not releasing information about her condition.

James is a graduate of Admiral Farragut Academy in St. Petersburg.

The attack was more than enough to keep neighbor Matthew Igoe from testing his luck in Boca Ciega Bay again. “When you see it up close like this and it happenes in your neighborhood, definitely, believe me, it’s in the back of your mind at all times,” he said.

Several neighbors said they see bull sharks in the water every day and that no one should be swimming there.


    i went on this website because yesterday i went to st.pete beach and my brother was swiming and saw a shark so he got out of the water and started screaming shark then me,my mom, aunt,and sisters saw it.there were a girl and a boy still in the water so we started yelling get out of the water and people started laughing thinking we were crazy then other people saw the dorsal fin go out of the water and then back in so the girl got out of the water but the boy was backing up slowly because he didnt know what we were talking about and his parents saw and told him to get out of the water but it took him like 6 minutes to get out of the water.the wierd thing is that it was so cllose to shore and was big it was right behind the sandbar wich was about 13 feet away from shre were the boy was now i will never get back in the water. we saw it swim away luckily no one was hurt  THAT WAS THE SCARIEST EXPIERRIENCE IN MY LIFE SO FAR   AND I LOVE SWIMMING                                                       

    • Josh

      I seen something today and I don’t know what it was but I got out of the water. I’m still shaking.

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