Ocean Beach White Shark Sighting

Hot on the heels of two additional recent sightings,The Shark Research Committee has posted another account of a great white shark sighting at Ocean Beach, San Francisco (yes, still in the heart of the infamous Red Triangle!) As we usually do with these reports, we've excerpted the story below - visit the The Shark Research Committee's Pacific Shark News for more … [Read more...]

Surf Beach Shark Attack: The Final Word

Our breaking news report on a Surf Beach shark attack has been quite the saga at The Fear Beneath; the original details we published from a misleading email were called into question, and a series of follow-up communications resulted in what we now believe to be the truth of the matter. The story has now been picked up and covered by KSBY 6 Action News, MSNBC, Vandenberg … [Read more...]

South Africa To Protect Great White Shark

This press release, published by SABC News, is riddled with eccentricity: not much mention of what actual conservation is happening, and team leader Kock working in Kalk Bay. The Fear Beneath has published it anyway in case it might interest our readers. South Africa is the first country to give protection to one of the ocean's ferocious predators, the great white shark. … [Read more...]

Surf Beach Shark Attack Details Disputed!

Surf Beach Shark Attack Article Web Statistics

Our exclusive story breaking the news of surfer "Kyle" being attacked in Surf Beach, near Lompoc, California, generated a fairly significant amount of traffic for The Fear Beneath and was covered by both The Shark Research Committee and The International Shark Attack File. In the last few days, the post has been viewed over 2,000 times and now has almost 30 comments. It was … [Read more...]

Great White Shark Caught & Released… Again.

Catch and Release Great White Shark in Santa Barbara Channel

The Los Angeles Times blogs about the female adolesecent Great White Shark that recently spent an 11-day stint in the glass slammer at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. SANTA BARBARA CHANNEL, CALIFORNIA By Veronique de Turenne Remember the great white shark caught off the SoCal coast, moved to an exhibit in the Monterey Bay Aquarium, then released after 11 days because she … [Read more...]

Record Year For White Shark Tagging

Another tagged New Zealand great white shark has migrated to the Great Barrier Reef off Australia – 1 of nine sharks to be satellite tagged this year. The 3.5 metre shark, nicknamed ‘Thomas,’ was tagged with a popup archival satellite tag. The tag records information on light levels (from which approximate daily latitude and longitude can be estimated) as well as water depth … [Read more...]

Monterey Bay Aquarium Sets White Shark Free

photo courtesy of monterey bay aquarium

If you were planning to visit the new great white shark on display at Monterey Bay Aquarium, you have missed your opportunity. The staff released the young female white shark today at 1:30, after only 11 days in captivity, because it had eaten only once during that time. She was delivered to the Santa Barbara Channel, tagged and released. “These decisions are always … [Read more...]

Alleged Great White Shark Sighting in UK

Alleged Great White Shark Sighting in Wales (UK)

CALDEY ISLAND, WALES This beast rearing up out of the sea is thought to be a Great White Shark — snapped off the coast of Wales. Fisherman David John saw the monster emerge 100 yards from his boat. He took the pic on his mobile — but only realized how close he could have been to a killer Great White when he examined it later. David, 40, said: “At first I thought it … [Read more...]

Two Great White Shark Sightings in Ocean Beach

Stinson Beach & Ocean Beach are right across the SF Bay from one another

A pair of Great White Shark sightings in the Ocean Beach area begs the question: is there a Great White Shark or hunting group of Great White Sharks that are patrolling the beaches at the mouth of San Francisco Bay? Ocean Beach is right across the bay from Stinson Beach, which was closed down for the Labor Day weekend. Both of these beaches lie within the area of the … [Read more...]

Big Island Man Missing, Possible Great White Shark Casualty

Search called off with evidence of shark attack - A Big Island man is missing at sea

BIG ISLAND, HAWAII Firefighters called off an ocean search for a 24-year-old man this afternoon after rescuers found some of his clothing that appeared to have been hit by a shark. Police identified the man as Kameron Brown of Pahoa. Firefighters said after finding Brown's clothing and speaking with the man's family, they decided to call off the search at about 2 p.m. … [Read more...]

Second Great White Shark Closes Stinson for Labor Day Weekend

MARIN COUNTY A second sighting of a great white shark off Stinson Beach has prompted the National Park Service to prohibit water use through the Labor Day weekend. "We had another sighting about 6:30 p.m. Thursday night by two visitors," said Chris Powell, park service spokeswoman. "Our lifeguard interviewed them and felt it was a credible sighting." The news puts a … [Read more...]

Large Shark Sighting at Bolsa Chica State Beach

Another electrifying tale from the S.R.C.!

Bolsa Chica State Beach The Shark Research Committee has posted the following account of an encounter with an extremely large animal, most likely a Great White Shark (deduced from available evidence - what else would be that size, with that girth?) On August 26, 2008 Karri Lewis reported the following; “My husband, Jim Lewis, and his friend were swimming (training for a … [Read more...]