Graphic Carnage From Hope Ranch Beach

Shark Slaughter at Hope Ranch Beach

Our sincere appreciation to loyal Fear Beneath reader Mark Johnson, who emailed us these graphic images from the shark-attack-dumping-ground known to Santa Barbara locals as Hope Ranch Beach. This poor pinniped was viciously disemboweled by a Santa Barbara County shark, never to frolick in the sunny surf and sand again. The seal intestines —spilling out a cavernous hole … [Read more...]

“I Was Lucky To Be Attacked By A Great White”

Glenn Orgias lost a hand after he was bitten by a great white shark while surfing at Bondi Beach.

'I was lucky to be attacked by a great white,'' says Glenn Orgias, who last February was dragged beneath the Bondi rollers by a 2½-metre white pointer. At 7.30 on an overcast evening, Orgias was paddling for a wave in the centre of Australia's most famous beach when he felt a tugging on his left arm. He thought it was a surfer jostling for position. ''I thought another … [Read more...]

Perth Great White Sharks Tagged and Monitored

Great White Shark Near Bixby Ranch, CA

More than 70 great white sharks have been tagged by scientists who will monitor when, where and for how long the predators linger near Perth's beaches. In a world first, great white sharks will be monitored over the summer when they move to within 500m of metropolitan beaches from Ocean Reef to Garden and Rottnest Islands where satellite receivers are installed. Surf-life … [Read more...]

Shark Snacks On False Killer Whale

Workers Attempt to Revive False Killer Whale

A false killer whale that beached on the Sunshine Coast yesterday bore wounds thought to be from a shark attack, experts have said. The whale died after desperate efforts by up to 50 people who rushed to Twin Waters on a rescue mission. The 3.8 metre female was first spotted at 6:30AM south of Mudjimba Island. Originally thought to be a pilot whale, it was later … [Read more...]

Eleven Tiger Sharks Caught Off Sunshine Coast

A recent spate of Tiger shark catches off Sunshine Coast beaches has triggered a warning for swimmers.

At least 11 tiger sharks – some up to four metres long – have been caught in shark nets and on drumlines off Sunshine Coast beaches in recent weeks, with one shark expert warning thousands more are cruising the region’s waterways. The revelation follows a large, aggressive tiger shark menacing two kayakers as they paddled to shore from Mudjimba Island on December … [Read more...]

Shark Attack Victim Probably ‘Looked Like Turtle’

Gladstone freediving champion John Pengelly

Gladstone freediving champion John Pengelly is in a stable condition in Royal Brisbane Hospital after being bitten by a three metre bull shark while diving at Lamont Reef early yesterday morning. The 19-year-old suffered deep lacerations to his wrist and lower forearm while spearfishing at the reef, 44 nautical miles east of Gladstone. After receiving treatment from … [Read more...]

Australian Spear-Fisherman Recounts Shark Attack

Novice spear-fisherman Dean Brougham had just got into the water off the coast of South Australia on November 9, 2009 - when he felt something tugging at his leg. At first the 24-year-old gardener thought it was one of his mates having a laugh as they enjoyed a dip in the ocean under the warm Spring sunshine. But when Mr Brougham turned around he saw what every ocean dweller … [Read more...]

Queensland Releases Terrifying Shark Net Statistics

A recent spate of Tiger shark catches off Sunshine Coast beaches has triggered a warning for swimmers.

Monster catch: 4.1m (13 foot) tiger shark among state's biggest shark net catches... The Queensland State Government yesterday released its annual shark count data, revealing more than 500 specimens had been caught since the start of the year and warning beachgoers to be careful in the water. A 4.1-metre (13 foot) tiger shark was the largest shark to be caught in beach … [Read more...]



Travelers and locals in the Australian state of Queensland are caught in a real-life "Jaws" film after a MONSTER shark - perhaps measuring as long as 25 feet - was believed to have mauled another great white shark. As the picture shows, the smaller shark was bitten almost in two. The image –showing a great white bitten in half– is causing a buzz on the Web. The violent … [Read more...]

Is El Niño Behind California Great White Shark Sightings?

Great White Sharks Hunt Like Serial Killers

There's been a lot of Great White Shark activity in Southern California lately... sightings and video footage in Malibu, fly-fishing in San Diego, sightings in Northern Santa Barbara County, and more. To what can we attribute this sharp uptick in Great White Shark activity here in So Cal? How about El Niño?! NOAA's analysis of El Niño indicates that we can expect this … [Read more...]

Coast Guard Video of Shark Attack Evacuation

Coast Guard Shark Attack Evacuation Video

A Jackson man was bitten by a shark Saturday while fishing about 65 miles southeast of New Orleans, the Coast Guard reported. The man, identified only as 56 years old, was fishing aboard a vessel named Predator near Breton Island. Coast Guard Station Venice received a radio call for medical help from the Predator around 10 a.m. and contacted Coast Guard Air Station New … [Read more...]